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Dee Diggs

Dee Diggs is a DJ, music producer, and creative multi-hyphenate based in Brooklyn, NY. She is unapologetically black, queer, and a lifelong student of the tenets of House Music.

Every single set by this connoisseur feels like a celebration – a celebration of club culture, of queerness, of community, of house and techno, and of house and techno's Black and Queer American innovators.

Her energetic, yet deep approach to DJing has seen this Boston to Brooklyn transplant first garnering attention in the queer party scene of NYC and now lighting up dancefloors all over the world with regular European and international tours.

Her aim has always been to contribute & sustain more spaces where marginalized groups are valued and thanked by name for their contributions to humanity. Thank the ORIGINAL Black innovators of House & Techno! Thank you, Disco and Ballroom Queens & Queers and Club Kids alike for the theatrics & fanfare of nightlife as we know it! There are homages to these origins alluded to in all things 'Dee Diggs', from the aesthetics to the sharing of the referential and varied tracks that fill her most noteworthy mixes, to her own original music!

She’s known for releasing standout mixes for the likes of Daisychain, Honcho, and Dekmantel over the past couple of years. Her musical adventures spanning all possible genres, the common denominator here is Dee Diggs’ unrivaled taste.

Her sound cuts an arch through dance music’s past and present to convey an interesting melding of Dee’s signature sounds: lyrical storied tracks, sensual club edits, soulful realness, sneaky grooves, passionate thumpers, and nostalgic endings.

Her eponymous party, House of Diggs debuted in February 2020 to stir and settle the hearts of all the lovers of house, funk, soul, disco, and R&B in Brooklyn, before the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent club closings curtailed that momentum for 1.5 years. However, 2021, found her making strides again when she resumed curating House of Diggs as a semi-regular event series at Jupiter Disco, a rotary-focused intimate dance floor in Bushwick before her touring DJ schedule ramped up intensely.

She currently holds and curates a seasonal DJ residency at a hi-fi nightclub in Gowanus, BK named Public Records. House of Diggs makes an appearance yearly around PRIDE to take over all 3 rooms of Public Records with Queer Imagination and Sonic Pleasure!

Diggs' steady rise continues as she steps in to headline many club and festival lineups in 2023 and beyond. The east coast darling bares her soul on these decks — when you hear her, you feel her, and there is no mistaking the beauty and grit of this sound and this feeling!

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