Movement Music Festival - Detroit

DJ Holographic

DJ Holographic is a funky force of joy. She is a leading woman of the next generation of the Detroit dance music underground, and brings that potent energy with her wherever she goes.

The DJ/producer was born-and-raised in Detroit on a rich musical diet of Motown, R&B, Rock, and House. Born Ariel Corley, her artist name was inspired by Star Trek’s Holodeck, a mirror to society, a manifestation of human divineness, and a transporter of different realities into different spaces. She brings intention to everything she does, and when she steps behind the decks you feel her unconditional love as she channels the energy of the crowd and the seasons, curating a soundtrack of house, funk, nu-disco, techno and beyond to suit and elevate the vibe.

Corley has filled many a hallowed space with her resonant sound over the past 13 years. Since cutting her teeth in the certified underground of Detroit’s warehouses, she’s played four Movements, along with enviable bookings at other beloved clubs and festivals around the world, from Tomorrowland to OFFSónar. 2022 was a banner year with many firsts, including a successful Australian tour and Coachella debut. Swedish House Mafia offered her to open seven of their stadium shows, and she toured North America and Europe several times over. She’s a regular DJ at Berlin’s famed Panorama Bar and played their 2023 New Year’s Eve party, clocking in four shows there in 2022.

The love, intimacy and realness she brings to her shows has won her a diverse, devoted fanbase across the globe, and this connection is what ignites and fuels her. “I enjoy being able to interact with my crowd musically and emotionally,” she explains. Her upbeat sound and boundless joy can fill any space, and she feels most at home in intimate spaces akin to Detroit warehouse parties. She celebrates the culture she’s building together with her audience and fellow like-hearted DJs, a continuation of techno’s Detroit origins.

Techno forefather Carl Craig tapped her to curate Detroit Love Vol. 5 in 2021, the compilation album series on his iconic independent label Planet E Communications. The album is a vibey celebration of Detroit-based and Detroit-loving artists, and a sampling of the type of tunesCorley might listen to on the journey before, during and after a show. It got a nod from DJ Magfor 2022 Best Compilation and came with a vibrant, classic house-nodding DJ Holographic original, “Faith in My Cup,” featuring Apropos’ warm vocals. Her first release came in 2020, a playful, funky three-track EP donning her filtered voice, Parallel Shifting.

Corley’s been working on new music and is excited to share it in 2023. She’s been clearing space for unbridled creativity, to find the depth of her voice and sound as a producer. She’s been taking voice lessons and found the instrument she most connects with, an Akai MPC. Like music, she’s found solace in astrology, using it as a tool for healing and to discover all facets of herself. She’s surprised by some of the darker sounds she’s been making, ala early GreenVelvet, and feels it could be from her Scorpio rising. Her sun sign is Sagittarius, the free-spirited adventurer and intellectual, quite fitting for a globe-trotting DJ well-studied in music, community building and anthropology. The time to enter the world of DJ Holographic—a joyfully soundtracked, ever-expanding, creative, heart-centered glittering disco ball of possibility—is now.

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