Movement Music Festival - Detroit

dream beach

dream beach is the brain child of Andrew Oliver; a Detroit born electronic music producer and dj. His early years were spent soaking up the true essence of his city around the culture of underground house and techno, becoming a frequent attendant of Movement Festival. His love for electronic music didn’t stop at the homegrown genres of techno, ghetto-tech and jit. He grew infatuated with genres like Jersey club, Chicago foot-work, Baltimore club and ballroom music. His very first release would come in 2014 with the support of Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth on his label Secret Songs after years of releasing edits and bootlegs on SoundCloud. His dj sets and production demonstrate a crossfire of genres that communicate through foundations of syncopated bass and vocal chops that gleam with raw tenacity. His latest project Randy’s Market was released in February 2022 on Bruiser Brigade Records.

Magik (Deluxe) is a new project to be released March 3rd. This comes as his second release on east coast label Like That Records following up Magik in 2020. Sharpening his swords over the past few years providing production for Fat Ray and Bruiser Wolf on Danny Brown’s Bruiser Brigade record label, Dream is no newcomer to adding vocal artists to his production. On the deluxe edition of Magik, Dream merges his musical roots in Detroit with a cast of artists which could only be brought together in this unique circumstance.

Since 2017 Like That Records have become a staple within east coast Electronic and Jersey Club Music. From bringing numerous artists for their debut NYC performances (Megan Thee Stallion, Babyxsosa and Asian Doll just to name a few), to inspiring a new wave of club music through Ase Manual’s various projects and singles, the label has become a staple within NYC, New Jersey and all up and down the east coast. With Magik (2020) Dream Beach delivered his first album on Like That, a full LP release introducing his delicate and soulful take on Detroit Techno, Chicago Footwork and Jersey Club. The deluxe version sees Dream merge his signature sound which he demonstrated on Magik with artists such as Bruiser Wolf (Bruiser Brigade/Detroit), GVVAAN (NYC), Alicia Drayton (NYC), Ase Manual (Like That Records/New Jersey), Rouge (NYC), Misdemina (Chicago) 89 the Brainchild (New Jersey) and Honcho Brando (NYC).

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