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T.Linder takes a no-nonsense, working-class approach to the art of spinning records. He cites old-school Detroit street jocks: The Wizard (aka. Jeff Mills), Gary Chandler, and Steve "DJ Energy" Crawford among others, as major inspirations. A veteran DJ with more than ten years of experience under his belt; Detroit native, T.Linder has done his homework and paid his dues.

T.Linder takes a no-nonsense, working-class approach to the art of spinning records. He cites old-school Detroit street jocks: The Wizard (aka. Jeff Mills), Gary Chandler, and Steve "DJ Energy" Crawford among others, as major inspirations for his unorthodox aesthetic. "If someone's going to pay money to hear me spin, I'm going to make it worth their money. The way I look at it, there are too many DJs out there meticulously and methodically blending records that all sound the same. As a listener, I'm easily bored with that. I like to take some risks when I perform, skipping across genres and eras, and doing scratch tricks with two copies of the same record. I want to give the listener the experience of hearing something they haven't heard before."

Over the past decade, T.Linder has kept a busy performance schedule that has taken him to literally thousands of events across North America. He has played at most, if not all, of the venues in Detroit catering to Electronic Music. Notably, 2030 Grand River, The Works, Motor Lounge, St.Andrew's Hall, and the Underground Stage at the 2002 Detroit Electronic Music Festival (a gig that he considers one of his career highlights).

In 2007, T.Linder released his first EP entitled DTM002 , on Detroit Techno Militia (a record label/artist collective that he co-founded). He has also done remix projects for legendary Detroit Techno producers K.Hand, and Scan 7.

In the future, he plans to continue doing what he does best, creating and playing timeless records, and asserting his position within the rich history of Detroit Techno. "A lot of DJs are switching over to digital technology as a medium for their performances. I've been very reluctant to take that step. I am a vinyl DJ first and foremost, so I'll probably play records until my favorite labels stop pressing them. Mainly because I find them more reliable. I've never had a record crate crash in the middle of one of my shows and kill all of the music. Additionally, I think there's something to be said for the tradition of DJs playing old-fashioned wax with analog turntables. Music from the future, made and performed with equipment from the past!"

DJ Seoul Bio

As owner and co-founder of Bang Tech 12, DJ Seoul has been tearing up the Detroit Techno community for the past 13 years. As a soldier for the Detroit Techno Militia, he has been touring the world over fighting the battle for the soul of the music. Raised on the East side of Detroit, Bill had an early start in music. At a young age, various forms of counterculture sounds and movements heavily influenced him. His formal training began in 1985 with the drums and continues today with both traditional and electronic instruments.

As a youngster, Seoul remembers listening to The Wizard's mix shows on WJLB and the Electrifying Mojo on WGPR and credits those as early influences on his style. From the Wizard's lightning-fast mixes to the Mojo's diverse selections, DJ Seoul began to appreciate the responsibility of the DJ to constantly be working and perfecting his craft. Couple that with his affinity for Punk Rock groups like Minor Threat, the Sex Pistols, and Operation Ivy and you can see where his dedication to being a true performer comes from.

By representing his hometown properly and playing Detroit Music, DJ Seoul continues to carry the torch that was handed to him by the greats who came before him. Playing wide assortments of music, from Electro, Techno, Hip-Hop and Soul, House, Acid, and Rare Groove, DJ Seoul has become known for his style of bringing a Hip-Hop Turntablist style of mixing and scratching to his set regardless of genre.

In addition to a 13-year DJ career that has taken him across the world, Bill writes and produces electronic music with great attention to detail. He collects vintage synthesizers and drum machines which he uses to create music with a very distinct sound. DJ Seoul has been interviewed and featured on T.V. and Radio worldwide including FOX News, WJLB, WHFR, WCBN, WEMU, WDPM, CJAM, and Techno.FM. You can find DJ Seoul's production work worldwide on the Detroit Techno Militia and Bang Tech 12 Record Labels as well as on the Drugaci Exhibitions Record Label based out of Chicago Illinois.

DJ Seoul looks upon the future with determination and hope, "The time is over for looking down our noses in disdain at our fellow man because their beliefs are different, or because they lack the teaching to make educated decisions. By creating a knowledge base, sharing knowledge, and teaching the history of Detroit music to the masses, the uneducated understand and the weak become strong. Through education and cultivation, we can destroy the mediocre standards that have been placed as barriers in the music industry.”

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